Stingray skin is one of the most exotic skin that could be the best material for many fashion products, such as bags, wallets, pouches, watch’s straps etc. Fashion maker use Stingray because of its uniques and if they treat it well, it will be very classy on any fashion stuffs.

If you look at the above treated stingray skin, you will notice as tiny stone structure. Very neat and solid. And if you look at the bigger structure in the center, they are pearl. Will make line pattern from head along to tail. This is actually the advantage of any straps maker in this case. Because they can use different part of the skin as different style of straps, the result is differenciate the price.

When it comes to straps, the straps maker need to be more careful on cutting the skin, treating the skin, and must be careful on making holes in this kind of skin material. Need to be skillful and 100% full attention on it.

Generally, stingray strap divided into 3 styles :


This is taken from the lowest part of the skin, the structure is very small. The price market is usually between $70 – $100. Above picture is very fit for Panerai watch 44mm. The width is 24/22mm. This style is also recommend for shorter lug width, because the structure is very small.


This one is pretty much the same with no pearl style. But if you see in the center of one side of straps, there are 2-3 pearl. The idea is to make this straps a bit more exotic compare to regular no pearl. Market price of this usually between $90-$120.


We don’t need to explain more about this one. What we want to tell you is that this style require more skill to make, the pearl is full on 1 side of strap, and need to be more careful interm of making holes. This style is very demandable, especially for exotic straps lover. Also this style a bit rare, because from 1 stingray, maybe can only make 3-4 straps. The market price range for this tyle is between $100-$150.

Again, this is depend on your taste and preference, but one thing you must know that the stitching is not necesarlily need to full stitch. Only need miminalist stitch, and play around with the color.Everything you need to know about Stingray Skin as a watch strap!

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