Our passion is to become the part of cultural heritage, history and complete it. The challenge is to subject the material to fit in to the quality, blend it with aestetic, concern to details, and of course to fulfill your dream.

Our Straps are the art rendered unique by great deal of the work done by hand, dedicated to whom may love perfection, art, fashion, and history.

Expertise and passion have always been at the heart of Malio Straps

In the beginning was the word, or rather, the sketch. Our first role is to outline the ideas, display a lineart or visualise a new concept. Always attentive to tradition and heritage but with one eye turned towards the fashion tastes. It is just this fusion of tenses, this cohesion between Tradition, fashion, present and heritage which characterises the design of Malio Straps. Malio Straps collections are represent a bridge between the past and the present… and keep on innovating.

From many years experiments, studies, Malio Straps has proved able as a new born, new comer to strike just the right balance between Needs , wants, culture, innovation and tradition, growth and respect for local roots. This balance supported by the raw materials which are very rare to found. unique natural setting of the region that is home to many rare leather materials.

Within the Handworks, an entire Malio Strap Team is assigned to the task of enriching, preserving, studying and sharing knowledge relating to history. Through its Heritage Gallery, along with the growth and journey devoted to nurturing the identity of a WristWatch straps artist for which each of its creation represents a concentrated blend of expertise and a powerful cultural symbol.

Please feel free to Browse our entire collection. Enjoy!

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